Terrific review from Barnes & Noble’s SFF Blog

I love this review from B&N’s SFF blog because not only is it very positive – saying things like “Malka Older crafts a complex near-future bureaucratic system that is every bit as compelling in its intricacy as the conspiracies and backroom dealings that drive the plot” – it also gives a great feel for the book without spoilers.

A few more gems: “Though the book bubbles along with the intrigue and thrills of a top-tier potboiler, Older’s involuted world-building sets it apart.”

“This is a slow-burn thriller, Three Days of the Condor by way of Snow Crash, but the momentum never falters, advancing with the inevitability of a clockworks and fleshing out the setting and multilayered plotting as it goes. The action scenes, when they do occur, are sudden, fierce, and explosive, upping the tension and the stakes, as each disaster, each assassination attempt, each attack carries weight.”

“Ostensibly set in the future, Infomocracy‘s observations about subtle politics as a system of control are terrifyingly present-day.”



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