2019 Publications

This is the time of year for eligibility posts, which remind potential awards voters about all the works that have come out over the past year and are therefore eligible for those awards. I’ve never done one of these before, but this year I produced a lot of different types of writing, and I thought it might be edifying to go back through them in any case.

IMG_1415 small

The big piece is my collection of short stories and poetry, …And Other Disasters, which comes out next week from Mason Jar Press and can be ordered directly from them, from your favorite independent bookstore, or from the large retailers. It includes a number of previously unpublished (and therefore eligible for awards this year) short stories, including “The Perpetuation of the Species” about fighting midwives in space; “Saint Path,” about a machine built for artificial empathy; and “The Divided,” which is available to read at Tor.com.

Other short stories from this year include “Chapter 5: Disruption and Continuity [excerpted]” in the anthology A People’s Future of the United States, from One World; “Sturdy Lanterns and Ladders” in Current Futures: XPrizes Oceans Anthology; and “The United States Should Welcome a Strong, United Latin America” an Op-ed from the Future, in The New York Times.

I’ve also been working on the serials Ninth Step Station and Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, each episode of which could be eligible as a novelette. The first episodes of each are available to read for free through Serial Box.

Happy reading!

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