Where does micro-democracy come from?

I have a new piece up at Tor.com today about how I got the idea for micro-democracy and what it says about our democratic systems – another great read for election day!


Infomocracy Donation to The Accountability Lab

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of ‪#‎Infomocracy‬, I just wrote a check for $985 to Accountability Lab to support governance around the world! So if you bought #Infomocracy you contributed to their innovative projects, which you can learn more about at http://www.accountabilitylab.org/ I will keep donating as royalties come in, so if you haven’t bought yet you haven’t missed it!

I chose Accountability Lab largely because their work is very close to the issues at the heart of the book: democracy, governance, representation. People working for a better world through better governance, basically.

You can also support the Accountability Lab by going to their web site and participating in their projects. For example, vote for an Integrity Idol. And think about how those projects would look wherever you live. Whom you would nominate to be an integrity idol or for the Honesty Oscars. What can we do to improve our systems for governance and representation and accountability?