Speaking at the Brave New World Conference in Leiden


Great Kirkus Review of Null States

Great review of Null States from Kirkus!

“Older continues to argue, most convincingly, that controlling the flow of information to the government and the public is the most potent power there is and illustrates how seemingly insignificant data points can build up to a larger, threatening picture. There’s also an extremely relevant post-colonial subtext helping to drive the plotlines: despite the best efforts of politicians, drawing arbitrary geographic boundaries does little to erase centuries of ethnic and cultural identity.

Carefully researched, prescient, thoughtful, and disturbing.”

Book 3!

The third centenal cycle novel is officially on its way!

“Now is a vital (and fascinating) time to be writing about democracy, information, and the responsibility of institutions, so I’m thrilled to be writing book three in the Centenal Cycle. Like Infomocracy and Null States, the third book shows us a future world that offers new ideas in governance while giving us a different perspective on the times we are living through.”