New NYT Op-Ed

Frustrated by our forever elections, I wrote about presidential primary debates for the New York Times: “With many millions of dollars traded for the privileges of hosting the debates and advertising during them, the point becomes more about making the audience available to corporations than about making the candidates available to the audience.”

2019 Publications

This is the time of year for eligibility posts, which remind potential awards voters about all the works that have come out over the past year and are therefore eligible for those awards. I’ve never done one of these before, but this year I produced a lot of different types of writing, and I thought it might be edifying to go back through them in any case.

IMG_1415 small

The big piece is my collection of short stories and poetry, …And Other Disasters, which comes out next week from Mason Jar Press and can be ordered directly from them, from your favorite independent bookstore, or from the large retailers. It includes a number of previously unpublished (and therefore eligible for awards this year) short stories, including “The Perpetuation of the Species” about fighting midwives in space; “Saint Path,” about a machine built for artificial empathy; and “The Divided,” which is available to read at

Other short stories from this year include “Chapter 5: Disruption and Continuity [excerpted]” in the anthology A People’s Future of the United States, from One World; “Sturdy Lanterns and Ladders” in Current Futures: XPrizes Oceans Anthology; and “The United States Should Welcome a Strong, United Latin America” an Op-ed from the Future, in The New York Times.

I’ve also been working on the serials Ninth Step Station and Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, each episode of which could be eligible as a novelette. The first episodes of each are available to read for free through Serial Box.

Happy reading!

New Op-Ed in Foreign Policy

For Foreign Policy I wrote about why the nation-state system is a problem both for sub-state groups and for our analysis of what’s going on in the world: “The global system is built around sovereign states, and it shows. This is an enormous problem for groups that define themselves, or are defined by others, as distinct from the country within whose borders they happen to reside, and it’s also terrible as a framework for navigating the global politics of a rapidly changing world.”

New Op-eds

I’ve had a raft of new opinion pieces come out over the past few weeks.

For the New York Times, I wrote about how it’s premature to declare democracy dead when we’ve barely tried it yet: “We need to keep reinventing and refining government, to keep up with changes in society and technology and to keep it from being too easy for elites with resources to exploit. And it is worth fighting for.”

For the Nation, I wrote about how governments, non-profits, and large companies are extracting data from vulnerable populations and why we should all be worried: “We should be shocked by how companies and governments are abusing the data and privacy rights of the most vulnerable groups and individuals. But we should also recognize that it’s not so different from the compromises we are all routinely asked to make ourselves.”

For NBC THINK I wrote about the links between climate change and disaster preparedness: “Disasters are not exceptional any more: They are the norm. We, and the governments that serve us, better start treating them that way.”

Second Starred Review for …AND OTHER DISASTERS!

My new collection, …AND OTHER DISASTERS, has gotten a starred review from Foreword Reviews, which writes “In this engrossing work […] Older’s stories reject monoculture on every level.” That joins the starred review from Publisher’s Weekly  which calls the collection “spellbinding” and “alive with unnerving plausibility.” Pre-order now from Mason Jar Press or ask your favorite bookstore to order some copies for when the book comes out on November 16th!IMG_1415 small

Free New Series at Serial Box!

Serial Box is releasing a new short serial, EMBODIED, that was written exquisite-corpse style, with each author having read only the episode immediately before theirs and no discussion about the overall story. I wrote episode is number three and still have no idea how the story ends. New episodes are out every day this week from a range of stellar authors!

For the New York Times, I wrote an Op-Ed from a future in which Latin America is strong and united.

The New York Times has an excellent new speculative series they’re calling “Op-Eds from the Future” and I was thrilled to write this, imagining a time in the not-so-distant future in which Latin America is about to unify EU-style so that I could argue that the U.S. should welcome a stronger neighbor to the south.

Although it’s written in the style of an op-ed and in the voice of someone who would write an op-ed for the New York Times, this is speculative fiction, which means it’s more about the present than the future. I wanted to explore the idea of supra-national organizations, which is an increasingly important dynamic in global governance, and more importantly I wanted to shake up the way people tend to think about Latin America from the U.S. perspective.

Writing an official ORPHAN BLACK sequel for Serial Box!


Our new series rejoins #cloneclub eight years later.

If you’ve seen the original Orphan Black series on BBC America, you know it was innovative, scary, funny, feminist science fiction at its best, elevated to a pinnacle by the astonishing performances of Emmy-award winning actress Tatiana Maslany.

That’s why I was beyond thrilled when Serial Box asked me to submit a concept for a sequel. Over the past year I’ve been leading an outstanding team of writers, including Madeline Ashby, Mishell Baker, Heli Kennedy, E.C. Myers, and Lindsay Smith to develop the series and come up with a twisty, cutting-edge plot worthy of the original. We are so excited to share it!

Pre-order the series at!