Ninth Step Station Gets Season 2!!

We are so excited to announce that Ninth Step Station, the near-future buddy cop procedural that has garnered rave reviews on Serial Box has been renewed for another season!


(We’re really excited.)

The pre-order page is already up at Serial Box and for the next twenty-four hours or so you can get 50% off using the code NSSseason2

You can here us talking about our process and what we’re looking forward to in Season 2 on Serial Box’s YouTube Channel.


Hugo Nomination for The Centenal Cycle!

I’m so thrilled and honored that The Centenal Cycle – InfomocracyNull States, and State Tectonics – has been nominated for a Hugo award in the series category! It’s an amazing cohort of nominees so make sure you check out the other series, and the rest of the Hugo nominees, as well. 3inarow

Announcing NINTH STEP STATION, a new serial from Serial Box!

I am SO EXCITED to announce Ninth Step Station, the serial I created for Serial Box and wrote with Fran Wilde, Jacqueline Koyanagi, and Curtis Chen, coming early in 2019! #9SS is a buddy cop murder mystery procedural with all the twists, set in a near future occupied Tokyo. I wanted to write the kind of serial that I would want to relax with – fun, exciting, surprising, with great characters and cool tech and epic geopolitical intrigue.


The amazing team Serial Box pulled together for this project CAME THROUGH and I have had so much fun working on this with Curtis C. Chen, Jacqueline Koyanagi, and Fran Wilde. I’ve read through every episode they’ve written with giggles and shrieks and shudders.

Serial Box is the perfect vehicle for this kind of story, because each episode is a complete mystery showcasing the talents of one of the team, while the season-level metaplots let us build our characters, relationships, and intrigue into something really satisfying.


So check out that discount code for pre-ordering and stay tuned for more updates from us on the #9SS hashtag! And in the meantime, check out all the other cool offerings at