The GORGEOUS PURPLE cover for State Tectonics is now up! Will Staehle has done an amazing job on all three of the Centenal Cycle covers, and this one is the perfect complement to the others. State Tectonics 1

The full announcement is at


State Tectonics now available for pre-order!

State Tectonics, the third book in the Centenal Cycle, is now available for pre-order, with delivery scheduled on September 11th, 2018! Find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, or your favorite independent book store!


Keynote at the Forum on Philosophy, Engineering and Technology

I’m very excited to be keynoting, along with three other very impressive speakers, at the Forum on Philosophy, Engineering, and Technology at the end of May. Abstracts are due January 14th for anyone interested in attending!


Upcoming Events!

On January 17th I’ll be reading for the Charm City Spec series at Bird in Hand in Baltimore.

On February 13th I’ll be at the Galactic Philadelphia reading series at the Irish Pub in Philadelphia.

From February 22nd-24th I’ll be teaching at the Desert Nights, Rising Stars conference at the Piper Center of Arizona State University.


Great Kirkus Review of Null States

Great review of Null States from Kirkus!

“Older continues to argue, most convincingly, that controlling the flow of information to the government and the public is the most potent power there is and illustrates how seemingly insignificant data points can build up to a larger, threatening picture. There’s also an extremely relevant post-colonial subtext helping to drive the plotlines: despite the best efforts of politicians, drawing arbitrary geographic boundaries does little to erase centuries of ethnic and cultural identity.

Carefully researched, prescient, thoughtful, and disturbing.”


New Essay!

I have a new essay, “The Narrative Spectrum,” up at Fireside Fiction to accompany the short story “Narrative Disorder.” Check it out if you’re interested in learning more about the narrative disorder concept and its roots!


New Story!

I have a new story out today from Fireside Fiction: NARRATIVE DISORDER. While this is something of an origin story for Mishima, it’s more about the titular condition and what living in a world overflowing with constructed narratives does to our brains. There’s also amazing art from Galen Dara!Image-4


Eating Authors post on the haven of Japanese convenience stores

I have a new piece up at Lawrence M. Schoen’s Eating Authors series. The question was about my most memorable meal, and while I found it very hard to winnow that down, I wrote about my memories of convenience stores in Japan while working on the response to the 2011 tsunami.