For the New York Times, I wrote an Op-Ed from a future in which Latin America is strong and united.

The New York Times has an excellent new speculative series they’re calling “Op-Eds from the Future” and I was thrilled to write this, imagining a time in the not-so-distant future in which Latin America is about to unify EU-style so that I could argue that the U.S. should welcome a stronger neighbor to the south.

Although it’s written in the style of an op-ed and in the voice of someone who would write an op-ed for the New York Times, this is speculative fiction, which means it’s more about the present than the future. I wanted to explore the idea of supra-national organizations, which is an increasingly important dynamic in global governance, and more importantly I wanted to shake up the way people tend to think about Latin America from the U.S. perspective.


Writing an official ORPHAN BLACK sequel for Serial Box!


Our new series rejoins #cloneclub eight years later.

If you’ve seen the original Orphan Black series on BBC America, you know it was innovative, scary, funny, feminist science fiction at its best, elevated to a pinnacle by the astonishing performances of Emmy-award winning actress Tatiana Maslany.

That’s why I was beyond thrilled when Serial Box asked me to submit a concept for a sequel. Over the past year I’ve been leading an outstanding team of writers, including Madeline Ashby, Mishell Baker, Heli Kennedy, E.C. Myers, and Lindsay Smith to develop the series and come up with a twisty, cutting-edge plot worthy of the original. We are so excited to share it!

Pre-order the series at!

Ninth Step Station Gets Season 2!!

We are so excited to announce that Ninth Step Station, the near-future buddy cop procedural that has garnered rave reviews on Serial Box has been renewed for another season!


(We’re really excited.)

The pre-order page is already up at Serial Box and for the next twenty-four hours or so you can get 50% off using the code NSSseason2

You can here us talking about our process and what we’re looking forward to in Season 2 on Serial Box’s YouTube Channel.